5 Cs to Successful Outsourcing of Software Development The success of any offshore project is equally important to both the outsourcer (client) and the outsourcing partner (vendor). What makes the small business and startups successful in using offshore are the 5 Cs listed below –


What do we mean by choices? This isn't the “a, b, c” or “1, 2, 3” choices. The outsourcing company must let you feel that you are being taken cared, you have a choice, you are free to decide, and the final decision is yours. Try not to settle with an outsourcing company that has hidden agenda. It is important that you look for someone with knowledge and expertise, who will always try to deliver the software according to industry’s best practices. Look for outsourcers with vast expertise, who have similar goals and will understand your business. Eastern Enterprise has proven to be a successful software development service partner for various clients across different verticals using a scale of technologies. We believe inpartnering approach and are a worthy solution provider where we think along with the client right from conception to delivery.


The strategic relationship between the vendor and the client is the commitment to and strong identification with the development project. Trust is therefore a primary requirement for successful execution of outsourcing projects that amount to strategic partnerships. However, as in relationships based on trust and commitment, not all outsourcing relationships work well. Nevertheless, “No relationship is perfect” the same holds true for the relationship between you and your outsourcing partner as well. It is essential that you put the effort required from your end wherever necessary, to achieve your goal/objective. There will be issues, but don’t let them deter you from the path you’ve chosen.No matter how good your vendor company is, no matter how much expertise they have, you still need to remain involved, because no one knows your business as well as you. Your commitment can have very tangible effects on the final product. With extensive experience in offering software services to various industries, EasternEnterprise has grown to be a definite choice for developing entire range of applications. Collaboration with Eastern Enterprise ensures robust, creative, modern, user centric, logical and secured software applications. The personalized methodologies and strategies developed by us show our commitment towards the client specification and requirements of software products.


For outsourced relationships to really succeed, the clients should clearly express their expectations, which will empower the supplier to deliver the best service. Be specific about what you want to achieve. A critical step to providing clear communications is using vocabulary that everyone understands. Even if your outsourced team is located in another English-speaking country, don’t use complicated words when simple words will do. Know about language differences. Probably, English isn’t the mother tongue for most of the offshore team, even if the team is based in India, so be extremely careful how you communicate. Finally, be concrete. Stick to facts, specific figures, and metrics. Specifically, this is important when you give directions to your team, do a root-cause analysis, or provide feedback.Eastern Enterprise understands the importance of communication in offshore coordination and diligently works on best practices to make sure that our clients are aware of everything which is connected with the project.

Cultural Differences

Whenever you ask a team in another country to play an integral role in your business, you run the risk of cultural barriers. Outsourcing the work to a foreign country likely means there are different standards that will affect the functionality and appearance of your product.Therefore, it will take time for an outsourced team to understand your project, and the learning curve can definitely eat into projected savings. Eastern Enterprise overcomes cultural differences by spending time with the client to understand the company’s culture and approach of doing business. This helps in identifying policies or values that could interfere with the working relationship.

Concentration On the Goal

Allow your outsourcing partner to implement their own way of working. Trust that they are the ones who want what’s best for your business. Focus on what you want to achieve with outsourcing your software development, not how you want it to be done.We are a team of dedicated and qualified professionals rendering reliable and prompt services to our clients. Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by offering innovative, robust and scalable IT solutions with end-to-end customisation.


While it is important to think about the 5Cs to ensure offshore success, one must also consider that each factor would vary based on the requirement of that particular project and the engagement models. Doing your best to adhere to most of these factors will ensure that you form a thriving long-term partnership and reap maximum benefits. Eastern Enterprise is an experienced, software project outsourcing company with innovative and dynamic team of experts with a focus to provide software outsourcing services for startups and small & medium enterprises to enhance your presence globally. Our profoundly matured development methodologies are complemented by advanced quality processes, relevant software engineering models; standard project management techniques and advanced reporting for a high business brunt solution that is delivered on time, and within budget.