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Today, more and more companies rely on web-based software to operate efficiently and provide value to their customers. These applications often contain custom and intricate business logic that gives businesses an edge over their competition. Angular provides a solid foundation to rapidly and efficiently build and scale advanced cross-platform applications. It allows companies to transform to a client-side software development model and pivot in an agile manner while still maintaining strict IT controls on core backend services that drive the business logic behind the scenes.

We develop innovative software from analysis to implementation in AngularJS combined with a feeling for business, expertise and user experience. Eastern Enterprise provides you business transformation and growth in a unique way. Our clients vary from startups, SME and larger companies.

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Abut our Team

Eastern Enterprise has an in-house team of 10 AngularJS developer (s). Along with excellent design, quality assurance and our management team, they are experienced in producing quality, very efficient and great looking web applications.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery and AngularJS;
  • Experienced with custom made, third party JQuery libraries.
  • Extensive knowledge of using versioning tools: GIT, SVN
  • Solution oriented approach, end-to-end analysis and communication skills;
  • Usage of multiple Angular JS directives: UI router, NG – translate and custom directives as well;

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