Xamarin app development


This app was developed for our client’s sales representatives. They were always on the move and thus required a
product catalogue with product related web URL’s during their appointments. The app provides product related
information in the form of a PDF and Web URL. Also it provides features where users can download the PDF and store it on their device for future reference. As the company have worldwide offices, the app supports 16 languages.The intermediate company from Germany has developed the REST API’s.

Detailed info:

Platforms, devices & modes:

iOS, 7.0 & above, iPad2 & above, landscape & portrait;

Windows, 8.1 & above, Tablets & desktops, landscape & portrait.

Technology stack:

• Visual Studio Online;
• Visual Studio 2013;
• Xamarin;
• SQLite;
• REST API – Developed by intermediate company from Germany;
• PLUGPDF – third party library for PDF viewer used in iOS;
• Xfinium – third party library for PDF viewer used in Windows platform.


• Platform specific UI rendering due to requirement of Grid view;
• Multiple language data handling and support;
• PDF Viewer and PDF search functionality implementation from the third party libraries;
• Multiple mode support (landscape & portrait).

Team & project scope:

2 Xamarin developers & 12 manmonths;

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