Eastern Enterprise helps Europe’s leading camping specialist ACSI in automating their entire business processes.


ACSI is Europe’s camp site specialist, offering rental services to camping pitches and camp site accommodation. In addition to this they offer a world of information with regards to camping and outdoor accommodation packages in Europe.

With over 52 years of camping experience, ACSI is recognized as Europe’s camp site specialist and have made it their goal to serve camp sites in both the low and high seasons.


Manually handling the inventory of campsites across Europe and updating records became an increasing issue as ACSI grew in size. The client faced various challenges like having to manually visit the campsite to collect the data. After collection, the data would be sent to be digitized and verified by two separate people before finally being printed.

The client here wanted to develop a solution that would automate the entire process by eliminating the initial physical paper work thereby removing the need for a separate data entry process and reducing the cost of printing. This would reduce the amount of resources allocated to this process and most importantly save precious time between surveying a campsite and publishing the booklet.

Our solution

With ACSI’s key objectives in mind, we suggested to develop an inspector portal that employees could use for these expressed purposes. The portal, available both online and offline, would allow ACSI employees to conduct exhaustive surveys and maintain critical data that measured the quality of the camping facility.

Through the same portal customers could view all the amenities available at a particular site through details like images, kinds of accommodation, specialty features, and reviews. This in turn facilitated advertising and promotion for the campsite itself.

Eastern Enterprise proposed and implemented the following features for the Progressive Web App inspector portal solution based on ACSI’s needs:

  • Tab wise sectioning in the inspector portal which made the surveying process user friendly and quick.
  • Well organized categories for faster search capabilities of campsite amenities.
  • Implemented indexDB which reduces loading time and helps maintain offline data.
  • Ability to view past information about the campsite for up to one year.
  • Push notifications to the user whenever a new update is available.
  • Capability for users to easily upgrade to new amenities on the campsite.
  • Ability for customers to correspond with campsite owners directly.


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • Angular 2+

  • .Net MVC API

  • Oauth2

  • Service workers

  • MS SQL

  • Dexie.js

End result

The client was happy with the results obtained through our solutions as we met all their expectations and quality standards. Also, going digital from a paper-based system by creating a progressive WebApp helped reduce time and make work easy and efficient.

The solution provided by Eastern Enterprises i.e. the inspector portal completely eliminated the cost of paper and the need to hire people for data entry. By using the inspector portal, ACSI employees can now easily collect data in prescribed steps, view last year’s data, attach images and publish a report on any campsite with the push of a few buttons.

Key benefits

  • A cost effective process for data collection.

  • Going digital by converting the manual data collection process to a Progressive Web App inspector portal saves time.

  • The solution supports both online and offline channels.

  • Reduced workload due to the elimination of paper work.

  • The portal provides a hassle free UI with various functionalities like search capabilitiy for amenities, providing notifications, feedback etc. - a user experience that adapts to every click.


I would like to express our satisfaction on the co-operation regarding the development of our web & back-end applications. Peeyush and the development team did a very professional job. We are
satisfied with the solutions given to us and with the communication flow through the projects.

Arno,Head of IT, ACSI