Eastern Enterprise helped DEVENTit in developing a cutting edge cloud based SaaS version of their Atlantis product.


DEVENTit B.V. is an Enterprise Software Development Company which enables gathering, management, retrieval and application of information by collectors, distributors and users in the art/museum world and beyond. For more than 20 years DEVENTit has developed and supplied the collection management system Atlantis.

Atlantis offers a framework that provides for all the needs of archives, museums, libraries and archaeologists. The framework can be extended with modules, services and portal features via plug-ins. This makes Atlantis an open, modular and extend-able solution that guarantees continuity.


Information is of the utmost importance today and that also applies to the collection, management, presentation and retrieval. This is where Atlantis comes in, to offer an advanced and easy-to-use collection management and portal building service.

 Atlantis offers a platform for organizing, controlling and managing objects in a collection by keeping track of all information about and related to those objects. These objects are an assortment of diverse entities from books (printed or handwritten), art objects and video. 

Our client (Atlantis) faced certain challenges in terms of user interface and user design of its existing but growing system. They were looking for experts who could devise and deliver a perfect front-end system in accordance with the back-end application that was scaled every day. This included modules and functionalities such as form generators, iterative searches, etc.

Our solution

After understanding the specifics of the DEVENTit’s requirement, Eastern Enterprise suggested to modify the front-end of their collection management and portal construction systems. We worked on the existing Atlantis framework to make it a scalable product in the SaaS (Software as a Service) category. Through this proposed system Atlantis would provide its users the ability to create and modify the configuration of their collection entities via a rich user experience interface. In this way, it would provide an easy portal construction system with a totally customizable framework which could be extended in a multifaceted way to meet the specific needs of their end-user.

The first phase of the project involved configuration management and the second involved building the collection model. With this new system users were able to purchase modules based on their need and configure them accordingly. The modules include form generator, XSLT rich-text editor, etc. Users can also construct a portal using CMS and then use it as a means to manage and collect data as per their requirement.

Eastern Enterprise understood the need for a user friendly interface that would allow DEVENTit clients to configure their respective portals in a way that would strengthen work flow based on their particular scenarios and pitfalls. With that in mind we designed a new user friendly layout using material design standards for the systems.

Furthermore, Eastern Enterprise developed and implemented an engaging
and interactive front-end to the Atlantis collection management system and
portal construction with the following features:
The solution was built using the following technology stack:

  • XSLT Rich text editor
  • Network view for relations
  • Slim panes to view information
  • Quick Help options module
  • Multilingual support to the entire system
  • Securing application with authorization and authentication
  • Dynamic form-generator
  • Dynamic theme configurator
  • Webshop
  • Thesaurus


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • HTML5

  • Typescript

  • Angular

  • Bootstrap

  • Google Map

  • CSS 3

End result

The client was satisfied with the results obtained through our solutions as we met all their expectations and quality standards. It was an honour to develop a highly efficient portal management and collection management system that will be used by registrars, librarians, archaeologists, and their employers.

With our unique solution, Atlantis was able to provide an easy way to manage information. Valuable and vital data can be retrieved and edited with a few clicks. Also, users are able to search with their smartphones for the information, archives, images in the collection system or filter these collected objects with respect to predefined filters – an excellent example of ease of use

Key benefits

  • Affordable and cost-effective.

  • Faster search results due to optimization of the information retrieval process.

  • Mobile ready solution with responsive layouts.

  • Better user experience with rich and detailed navigational structures.

  • Intuitive information retrieval.

  • A unique user experience by connecting registrars, librarians and others seekers of a single platform.


Offshore development is known to be complex and risky. Eastern Enterprise proves themselves to eliminate those risks by adapting to the cultural characteristics of their clients. Combined with their vast commitment to the project and technical skills, Eastern Enterprise is the ideal partner to work with.

Peter van Diermen,Director, DEVENTIT