Europe’s leading job portal HIJOB collaborated with Eastern Enterprise to enhance the user experience of their web application.


HIJOB is a portal that helps all kind of job-seekers find high quality and well-paid jobs. Be it at the trainee , graduate or professionals levels, HIJOB ensures that users find a job that genuinely befits them. Many German and international companies search for qualified employees on HIJOB.


In today’s competitive job market, securing a job as well as searching for candidates is of great importance. Many job portals, mobile apps, online employment exchanges, and consultancies have emerged to meet this need. However companies are experiencing new challenges like dealing with the volume of applications and assessing candidates in a timely manner while achieving cost efficiency.

HIJOB already had a working job portal with minimum modules that dealt with job creation and management. They wanted to add several other modules like user registration through Xing and LinkedIn, CV Parser, automated qualification generation, and machine learning for qualification matching etc.

Our solution

The client provided Eastern Enterprise with their built-in application and wanted our developers to enhance functionality as per their new requirements. Eastern Enterprise proposed a solution to HIJOB to develop an engaging job portal and implemented the following features:

Signup capability through LinkedIn and Xing.

Easy job search based on department, industry, location, etc.

CV parser – the ability to apply for a job by simply uploading a CV.

Creating user profile automatically via LinkedIn/Xing.

Matching users’ qualifications with available jobs and notifying seekers and employers.

Application and and correspondence capability with companies via email.

Users can like the job and get notifications via email for similar jobs available on the portal.

Storing user profile images on Amazon server.


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • HTML5

  • MySQL 5.7

  • Symfony 3

  • PHP 7 Framework

  • AWS S3 services

End result

The client was satisfied with the results obtained through our solutions as we met all their expectations and quality standards. Moreover, the client was particularly impressed with our prompt response and support during and after the service. We pride ourselves in the product we developed and that our work helps build a more productive job market.

With our unique solution, HIJOB was able to provide an easy way to look for jobs and help candidates create their profiles with a single click. Furthermore, candidates can use their smartphones to search for jobs near them and filter results with respect to an array of parameters that suit them best.

Key benefits

  • Affordable and cost-effective.

  • Complete confidentiality – your job search history and profile is kept completely confidential in the database of these job portals.

  • Faster turnaround time by automating the job application process

  • Mobile ready solution with responsive layouts.

  • Better user experience with minimalistic navigation structure.

  • Intuitive job alerts and email notifications.


With Eastern Enterprise we not only found a service provider but we won a real partner. It’s so much more than just getting things done. It’s about the team, the fun and of course the quality – all of them are perfect. We can 100% recommend EE

Rene Tillmann,CEO, hijob GmbH