The largest community for renting in The Netherlands which focuses on students and starters – worked with Eastern Enterprise to launch their first iOS App.

About Kamernet

An online rental market on which tenants and landlords can get directly in contact with each other. Landlords offer their property and tenants search through thousands of rentals from private landlords, brokers, investors and rental agents.


The client had a legacy application that needed to be scaled up to handle an increase in web traffic and orders. As the previous application was customized and built on top of a legacy framework, the identification of performance bottle necks in the application proved to be a major challenge. The main challenge was to code in objective C – an old architect which is out of fashion. Considering the client’s requirements, our developers not only done the coding in such complex architect but also met the current coding standards. The goal of the client was to publish a stable iOS application so that they can reach to maximum apple users.

Our solution

The proactive and skilled team at Eastern Enterprise considered the challenges and offered the client with experienced and competent enough iOS developers who not only understood the complex and old architect of the existing application but also helped them to upgrade the IDE (Integrated development environment) xcode9. We managed the project in scrum methodology and were able to monitor the project in JIRA (project management tool).

Using the app, the users can filter the list of available properties by location, area and size. It allows the available properties to be displayed as a pin in the Google maps for ease of location. All this makes it possible for the interested users to narrow down their search for properties. If the users find some property to be of their interest, they can view the complete details of that property and go ahead and contact the agent via email or phone. The users can also be guided to the location of that property via Google maps.


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • Objective C

  • Notification

  • Core data

  • Social Networking

  • Apple In app purchase

End result

The client was extremely delighted with the proactivity of the team and the dedication for details and accuracy the team exhibited during the project. The solution and upgrade provided by us was more stable and also supported the latest iOS version 11. Further, we provided better user experience which supported to update IDE, iOS11, and also extends to iPhone X. The application is now reachable to those end users also who are on latest iOS version.

Key benefits

  • Allows you to book your preferred accommodation instantly, with just a few taps.

  • You can contact the homeowner directly through the app after shortlisting a property.

  • Simple, intuitive interface that lets tenants and landlords contact with just a tap.

  • Easy access to records and finances. Ability to advertise vacancies online.

  • Less time consuming.


Eastern Enterprise is a very reliable partner, we experience a very stable and stable cooperation. We especially like the direct contact with the entire team, their flexibility and thinking along. We rolled out MVP last year and are developing more functions in the virtual team mode.

Recommend Eastern Enterprise for startups because they are flexible and one-stop.

Erik Boska,CEO, cunio