Eastern Enterprise collaborated with Onefit in managing their partner inventory system.


Onefit is a Dutch digital platform and app that allows its members to book gym and sports facilities from multiple gyms in a city, based on aggregation. With a single membership, the app gives its users access to workouts in the best gyms and studios that have partnered with Onefit.

Its model makes it the most flexible way to have a membership. Users get access to dozens of gyms and pools all over the city. Members can work out anywhere and at any time and they get a wide variety of workouts.

Using the Onefit app, members can search for the city’s best workouts, then book classes or go to locations to train on their own.
The app acts as passport and is required to check in at the venue and use the membership. Classes are visible in the schedule two weeks prior.Users make a booking for themselves or with a bunch of friends.


The solution needed to be optimized, to ensure that our system does not spam the vendor APIs with unnecessary hits. The fetched data is stored in the Onefit database. These database operations should not consume too much memory.

We needed a performance optimized solution where the system wouldn’t go down because of either volume or data in either direction:

– The Onefit system cannot send API requests to the partner API server beyond a set limit.

– At the Onefit database end, the performance should not be degrade due to volume or data coming in from the partner inventory updates.

The system also needed to have provision for handle network interruptions. It should log all exceptions and errors that occur while processing the workout inventory data at Onefit side.

Tackling all these challenges, we built a system based on adapters and connectors that can integrate with any child or external inventory system and provide reliable and scalable performance.

Our solution

Our solution was to create a bridge for two-way communication between the Onefit system and each aggregator partner’s system in order to send and receive data to and fro in real time.

With Onefit’s objectives in mind, we built an endpoint consisting of an adapter and connector, between Onefit system and each aggregator partner’s system.

Partner systems expose their data via APIs, which the Onefit system consumed. The endpoint pulls information about available inventory from other aggregator’s databases and stores it in Onefit database in the Onefit format. Through the same system Onefit pushes data about bookings and cancellations to the partner.

The parts of the system that interact with each other are:

  • Onefit’s Partner Inventory System
  • Workout Aggregator’s System
  • Adapter and Connector combination to enable communication between the two
  • Update existing Back office system to view information imported by the adapter

The adapter and connector talk to other Workout Aggregator’s Systems about RESTAPIs and GraphQL APIs. The connector is responsible for consuming the vendor system’s APIs. It provides input to the adapter, which processes and stores the data in the Onefit’s Partner Inventory System. The adapters are built using Laravel, and the connectors are built in core PHP but use composer packages to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

The process includes fetching the available workouts data from the vendor’s API, booking the workouts by Onefit member to vendor’s system and also sending cancellation or bookings by Onefit members.

Our solution handles this flow in an optimized and controlled way. Any incidents during this process are logged.

The data also needed to be made available to the existing back office system, which was built using PHP and VueJS.


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • PHP

  • MS SQL

  • VueJS

End result

The client was happy with the results obtained through our data sharing system. We met all their expectations about reliability, performance, downtime and real time exchange of data with any kind of system. Collaboration with other aggregators became easy.

Having a digital way to expand inventory helped increase the reach of the app and give users more choice.

Key benefits

  • A reliable meansfor expanding inventory and scaling business

  • Cost Effective data sharing and collaborations

  • More choices for onefit members


I would like to express our satisfaction on the co-operation regarding the development of our web & back-end applications. Peeyush and the development team did a very professional job. We are
satisfied with the solutions given to us and with the communication flow through the projects.

Arno,Head of IT, ACSI