OOXOO provides expert-built chatbots for businesses that want to have seamless and efficient communications with their customers through all digital channels.


OOXOO provides expert-built chatbots for businesses that want to have seamless and efficient communications with their customers through all digital channels. Since the team has extensive expertise in conversational AI and chatbots, they can ensure that the chatbot design process is hassle-free for clients and their business, who may not be so tech-savvy. OOXOO does not believe that providing chatbots is a one-time task, and also does constant improvement to the chatbots through a long-term engagement with the client.


Businesses nowadays deploy chatbots to continuously remain in touch with customers without any human intervention. Customers seek help, make queries or ask about anything related to their online purchase or service requests just by using their voice or by typing some questions. This textual information is captured and analyzed using NLP techniques and responses or conversation flows are designed, which come into play automatically. The responses are given by well-designed and trained chatbots that mimic humans in logic and language by analyzing the words and context.

When it is about interacting with humans, randomness is inevitable, and for a computer program to understand the variables, one needs to know these random possibilities. Chatbots need to be developed in a more humane way in order to interact with real humans and increase business exponentially.
Even a whole team will always fall short because it is about handling the case you don’t even know exists. That is the why chatbots development is always on the fine line of making or breaking a healthy customer interaction.

How to capture all possible conversation flows and design a chatbot that can handle almost all scenarios? How to train the models optimally and create a realistic conversational user interface?

OOXOO’s aim was to provide such top-notch and well-structured chatbots to their clients.

OOXOO was looking for expert partners, who could understand these complexities and deliver a pitch perfect chatbot algorithm. That is when they approached Eastern Enterprise as technology collaborators.

Our solution

First, we at Eastern Enterprise brainstormed the specifics and gravity of the OOXOO’s requirement, and then applied our workforce to take up a whole new challenge.

The task was to work in collaboration with OOXOO’s elite developers and managers, and develop chatbots for their existing clients (NAVIVA, KNOV) from scratch.

We chose DialogFlow as the framework in order to leverage NLP features built in it. The chatbots interact with end users through natural languages processing (NLP) seamlessly and effectively. DialogFlow can also easily integrate chatbots into mobile apps, web applications, IVR systems and so on, on all kinds of platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger.

With extensive and methodical use of DialogFlow, we streamlined the designing and integration of this conversational user interface (CUXP).

Our focus:
• Making chatbots as coherent as possible to ensure a seamless user-agent interaction. The design had to do exceptionally well, in gathering the input and giving the exact output expected by the user.
• The chatbot has to be designed in such a way that the business can gather as much responses for the bot to grow and improve.
• Both these factors had to impart a major boost to the firm’s growth and value.


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • Python

  • Dialogflow

  • NodeJS

  • GraphQL

  • Typescript

  • MongoDB

  • GCP

End result

OOXOO was able to deliver chatbots up to specifications as per the clients’ needs, in a cost-effective manner, with Eastern Enterprise as stable, reliable, and quick technology partner.


“Eastern Enterprise has proven to be a valuable technology partner by providing great technical support to our team in the form of a scalable and adaptable workforce solution.”

Gillis HeevelCTO, OOXOO