Smartbooqing is the only system that processes complex invoices at line level.

About Smartbooqing

We have implemented Optical Character Recognition technology combined with Machine learning that allows the software to scan complex invoices. Smartbooqing can process both paper and digital (UBL) invoices.


In today’s world, it has become difficult to keep a track of all the expenses and making them store into digital form. Also, entering all the data of the invoice manually is a tough task for the users and sent them for accounting. Accounting user needed to sit for hour to verify data and export them for accounting. So, to overcome this problem, SBQ required an app which can overcome the user’s problem.

Our solution

Smartbooqing overcome this problem by introducing a web and mobile application where user can now just capture photos of the invoices which are to be processed. Here the user can click a picture of the invoice and using the app having OCR functionality implemented, the data from the invoice gets read by the app and fed into an appropriate format. Also, the connection with webapp, it is easier to manage all the invoice and related data.


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • MySQL 5.7

  • Android

  • iOS

End result

By using Smartbooqing app, the user can send the invoice for OCR (Optical character recognition and it must process to our ICAP technology where we are able to handle complex invoices too.

All the scanned data from invoices are now being displayed in our Smartbooqing tool.

Key benefits

  • Fully automatic from the first processing

  • Deliver unsorted and unseparated.

  • Only view the invoices that require your attention

  • Available anytime, anywhere via our app.

  • Use Smartbooqing with as many users as you want

  • Smartbooqing saves all your documents at no extra cost


Smartbooqing has been instrumental in increasing the efficiency and productivity levels within BDO to a large extent. We have been working with Smartbooqing for the last 3 years and no other product comes close to Smartbooqing in terms of intelligence, technology and business logic. Smartbooqing gives us better insight into our business and has helped us to streamline our own operations.

Having successfully done a roll out in The Netherlands, we consider implementing Smartbooqing internationally.

Alexander LeppinkPartner//Business Development & Innovation