SuperBreak is a market leader in providing short breaks in UK and Europe. They teamed up with Eastern Enterprise to provide a complete solution for their travel portal.

About SuperBreak

Super Break, a British holiday company based in York specializes in providing short breaks in UK and Europe for over 20 years. Their listings include rail packages, theatre shows, city tours and concerts.

Super Break allows you to book every element of a trip in one simple place. They bring together booking services fo 2-5 star hotels, rail travel, Eurostar, flights and mini-cruises, plus all the little extras that help make each break really special.


Super Break has been in operation for over 20 years and wanted to scale up their services to meet the current market and handle the increase in web traffic and the volume of demand. Since their previous application was customized and built on top of a legacy framework, the identification of performance bottle necks in the application proved to be a major challenge.

The lack of application documentation meant that our team had to review the entirety of their code to understand the functionality of various features before they could begin working on solutions to Super Break’s new objectives. The project management team had to work with multiple third party travel APIs and manage technical interactions with their respective teams.

Our Solution

After combing through the existing code and understanding the client’s exact requirements, our developers at Eastern Enterprise worked on Our Solution. After combing through the existing code and understanding the client’s exact requirements, our developers at Eastern Enterprise worked on troubleshooting critical issues in the current website and worked on building a more scalable web application.

In conjunction with this we studied the mobile app we planned a solution to integrate third party hotel inventory and a flight reservation system. After an impact analysis to determine the various affected modules, Eastern Enterprise developed the appropriate web services to accommodate these third party systems in the new and improved website

We also implemented load testing using JMeter and OpenSTA for increased traffic testing and management. We also completely redesigned the website from a UX perspective and implemented the WAI “AA” accessibility standards


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • PHP

  • Angular 2.0

  • Android

  • iOS

  • MYSQL 5.7

End Result

Initially Eastern Enterprise was only limited to migrating SuperBreak from their legacy framework to a new solution. However, the client was so impressed with the quality and expertise of our project team that they insisted on la ong term strategic partnership across various IT development & maintenance requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Resolved performance issues and improved the response time of the website.

  • Portal is always available for reservations 24/7 online reservation system greatly increases the number of bookings

  • Personalized navigation: a user experience that adapts to every click.


Eastern Enterprise is een zeer betrouwbare partner, we ervaren een zeer stabiele en stabiele samenwerking. We houden vooral van het directe contact met het hele team, hun flexibiliteit en meedenken. We hebben MVP vorig jaar uitgerold en ontwikkelen meer functies in de modus virtueel team.
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Erik Boska,CEO, cunio