W/E Consultants partnered with Eastern Enterprise to develop multiple applications like GPR Vastgoed, Local Routemap to CO2 Neutrality, and GPR Gebouw. These applications help users construct buildings that are more sustainable and energy efficient in the Netherlands.

About W/E Consultants

W/E sustainable building consultants are a leader in sustainable advice for almost four decades and support organizations in their construction process from the vision stage to implementation and maintenance.

W/E Consultants provides web-based applications under the GPR umbrella brand. With the help of these applications users are able to measure the sustainability of buildings and areas and subject these parameters to discussion. Organizations such as municipalities, architects and consultants, housing corporations and real estate investors can purchase a license for one or more applications.


Climate change is a topic that many builders, real estate developers and people in related industries are taking heed of. W/E wanted to create an application that would guide public users to tackle climate change and global with regard to sustainable construction methods and energy efficient maintenance practices.

The client wanted to develop an application (GPR Vastgoed) where users/organizations can manage the sustainability performance of their buildings. They could also compare particular buildings with others using tools like maps, charts and tables.

The application would also give housing corporations insight on how they could become carbon neutral by the year 2050. This novel idea would allow the end-user build multiple roadmaps which would help them check what steps they needed to take to make their buildings more energy efficient and put them on the road to carbon neutrality.

Our solution

There were a lot of complex grids that needed to be handled within the application. We worked as a virtual team with the client in GPR Vastgoed and used Agile SCRUM to develop this application with the expertise of both Eastern Enterprise and W/E teams.


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • Angular 6

  • MVC using .Net Core & .Net framework

  • Kendo UI

End result

W/E Consultants local roadmap to CO2 Neutrality where Eastern Enterprise created the web application using expertise in advanced technologies. GPR Gebouw helps users to calculate scores for a building using materials used for construction. The complex calculations to calculate this score were handled in an Excel spreadsheet. We created logic to handle the communication between the application and the spreadsheet using a third party library (SpreadSheerGear).

Better management of interventions to increase the sustainability of buildings.

Graphical representation of comparisons of buildings.

Better management of future interventions with local roadmap to CO2 Neutrality.

Easy to use the system with better UI/UX.

Parties make GPR Gebouw performance agreements with construction parties, concretize sustainability ambitions or improve their own buildings.

Key benefits

  • The applications we developed are convenient and easy to use.

  • Users can access local roadmap to CO2 Neutrality web application using mobile phones and tablets.

  • Faster calculations time for local roadmap to CO2 Neutrality web application.

  • User are able to determine the sustainability performance of real estate, make and evaluate performance agreements, make sustainable area development measurable and open to discussion.


Eastern Enterprise is our reliable partner in increasing development capacity for creating web applications which help our users to calculate the sustainability of their real estate. We highly value the communication, willingness to grow as a self-learning team and skills of the developers.

Daniël Tulp,Lead programmer, Scrum master, Stichting W/E advisers