weekendje weg

Eastern Enterprise developed a portal called WEEKENDJEWEG – an online travel agency which accommodates business hotels on weekends in Netherlands. It has been awarded best travel website for 3 years running.


WEEKENDJEWEG is an online travel agency and market leader in accommodating rooms in business hotels on the weekends in The Netherlands. It offers value added services viz. travel + stay arrangements, travel guides, etc


The client wanted to develop an online travel website which would help business hotels find customers for their rooms on weekends since occupancy rates drop drastically during this time.

The client also wanted their platform to aggregate and present all their supplier feeds (from their multiple travel suppliers) through one booking engine.

Our solution

After a thorough requirement analysis, we deployed a team with deep domain expertise to evaluate the potential of this new channel. We suggested they create a complete custom framework based on PHP for developing the Content Management System across multiple websites.

Eastern Enterprise contributed to the product decisions, redevelopment and helped in choosing the right technology architecture. Our prior experience within this sector poised us for crafting an award winning product with this new booking engine.


Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:

  • PHP

  • Angular 2.0

  • Android

  • MYSQL 5.7

  • iOS

End result

Not only did we create exactly what they wanted, our solution was cost-effective. The success of our design was almost immediate as Weekendjeweg saw a major increase in the proportion of their bookings, showing a major shift in travel agency booking behavior. They are better meeting the needs of corporate travellers and helping make business travel easy and affordable for everyone.

Key benefits

  • Integration of all websites within a single technology helped reduce the maintenance cost.

  • Through ongoing adoption initiatives, customers are realising that booking via WEEKENDJEWEG makes business sense.

  • Push notifications for emergencies or otherwise.

  • Landlords and tenants can manage tasks and problems with ease via the mobile app.

  • Tenants can track rental reminders, package notifications, etc. from landlords.

  • Manage rental data and keep everyone informed of any changes.


Eastern Enterprise is a very reliable partner, we experience a very stable and stable cooperation. We especially like the direct contact with the entire team, their flexibility and thinking along. We rolled out MVP last year and are developing more functions in the virtual team mode.

Recommend Eastern Enterprise for startups because they are flexible and one-stop.

Erik Boska,CEO, cunio