Clans - ReactJS (Gaming)

Clans – ReactJS (Gaming)

React Development

Clansweb is a web application that allows user to create a website to gather clan members, invite new friends and share accomplishments with the world. The website creation can be done by choosing any template from a vast choice of templates without having programming skills.

EE was supposed to develop one component ‘Forum’ for this website. The forum allows user to create their own forum, create question for poll, post picture, Like/Unlike posts of their friend and post on questions/comments posted by other users.

Success Factors

  • Innovative team working seamlessly

    The domain knowledge of different people in the team helped to get more features to the website which became a success factor.

  • Certified and Experienced Php Developers

    Eastern Enterprise has enviable experience of building web application on PHP. We have PHP certified Developer with experience in web application development using React JS. With this background, Eastern Enterprise is able to give technical and functional insights for the user while providing more features.

  • Combined setup with less overhead

    A lean and mean approach with only requisite expertise and specialist on demand helps continuous development with short cycles and easy control.

Eastern Enterprise Role


Overcome difficulties while migrating from existing Angular JS to React JS.

Managing responsiveness of website.

Most challenging/complex part was to manage and integrate API.

Team Setup

Team consist of one developers at Eastern Enterprise office and 4 other developer at client’s office, working in agile model, where project manager/scrum master adds issues from backlog to weekly sprint.

PIT (Project Information Tool)

Project Information Tool (in house project management tool) is used to the full extent for managing tasks, dependencies and processes for clear and transparent updates to all stakeholders

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