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Direct Wonen is the online Property and Financial Services provider based in the Netherlands. It is a leading company in the Dutch market for private residential lettings in the low-mid tier market and has a national network of 24 branches and the interactive portal and Visited by more than 50% of the total target group of young professionals every year, the web sites are also the engine driving growth in the other business lines. Direct Wonen’s knowledge of the target group, as present in the database, can be applied across these divisions. The Financial Services offer a broad portfolio of products including mortgages, consumer loans and insurance products. Most business processes at Direct Wonen are internet-driven. The three elements together – the various internet portals, a national network of offices and a customer service center- provide an optimum service delivery for our clients.

Success Factors

  • Innovative team working seamlessly

    The domain knowledge of different people in the team helped to get more features to the website which became a main success factor

  • Combined setup with less overhead

    A lean and mean approach with only requisite expertise and specialist on demand helps continuous development with short cycles and easy control.

  • Rich .NET experience

    Eastern Enterprise has enviable experience of building application on .NET. With this background, Eastern Enterprise is able to give technical and functional insights for the user while providing more features.

Eastern Enterprise Role

Team Setup

A well balanced team with experienced Business Analyst, Tech lead, Developers and QA were the pillars for the successful completion of the project.

Integrated CMS Development

Managing website content for promotions, advertising, data business rules, reports etc. from one single backend

Technology and Development approach

An experienced team with appropriate domain knowledge helped to make the development of .NET website with integration of multiple third part APIs easily.

PIT (Project Information Tool)

Project Information Tool (in house project management tool) is used to the full extent for managing tasks, dependencies and processes for clear and transparent updates to all stakeholders

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