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Laravel is known as an open source PHP framework. Most sites have a common set of functionalities like handling sessions, data validation and more. The framework prevents you from re-writing these functionalities each time you create a website. Eastern Enterprise has a skilled team of Laravel developer (s). Our developers have experience of working on complex Laravel projects with high workloads. Eastern Enterprise recommends the Laravel framework in case we have to develop a content management system or if we need to develop restful API’s. In these scenarios Laravel is the way to go. So far we have supported more than 12 apps by developing several API’s in Laravel.


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About the team

Eastern Enterprise has a team of 12 highly experienced Laravel developer (s). Our Laravel developer (s) are not only developing, but also provide the best technical approach and create RestAPI’s to power your mobile apps in the front end.


  • Highest quality standards for architecture, scalability and performance;
  • Knowledge of databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, writing advanced queries with joins, triggers, procedures through queries and different object-relational mapping;
  • Experience with Solr, Redis, Doctrine, Eloquent and Memcache;
  • Exposure to advanced database concepts: schema design, optimization, management and backups (import/export) manually, programmatically and through queries.

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