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Eastern Enterprise has a team of full stack developers, working in different JavaScript flavours (including React JS developer (s)). As known, React JS is a UI Library developed by Facebook for the creation of interactive, stateful and reusable UI components. It’s open source for developers around the world so they can use it to the fullest. In a short span of time, it has gained wide popularity among the giants in the world of technology such as Google, Instagram, AirBnB, Ebay, PayPal just to name a few. Eastern Enterprise is a fan of reusability of codes and thus recommends ReactJS. To put it simply, your current website may require you to make changes to a single component. To achieve this you can either make changes in your entire code structure to incorporate the need on a short notice or you can use ReactJS. You can look at it as LEGO pieces, where you can pick a brick and change it to the way you want to. Instead of changing the entire code or feature by using ReactJS, you can break down your requirement into sub components and solve each one individually. In the future you can combine them together to form a solution or you may also reuse it somewhere else later if needed. Our React JS developer (s) can advise you to realize the best solution.


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About the team

Eastern Enterprise has a team of 5 highly experienced React JS developer (s). Our full stack developers have an end to end knowledge in open source technologies like AngularJS (link to landing page), ReactJS, Node.js and JavaScript.


  • Understanding your business problems, user stories and technical constraints;
  • Fluent in ReactJS, Redux, Node.js, HTML5 and CSS3;
  • Solid understanding of web technologies such as REST, HTTP and JSON;
  • Experienced in MySQL and NoSQL databases;
  • Participating in design/code reviews to ensure the best practices and realize high quality code for you.

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