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Eastern Enterprise is since the early days a fan of the Zend PHP framework. Eastern Enterprise has Zend developer (s), which are Zend 2 certified as well. Only a few amongst the world have this certification. Zend Framework is implemented by using 100% object-oriented code. The component structure of Zend Framework is somewhat unique, because each component is designed while having only a few dependencies on other components. This loosely coupled architecture allows Zend developer (s) to use components individually. We often call this a “use-at-will” design.


Number of Zend developer (s) – 8


Projects delivered


Number of clients – 15

About the team

Eastern Enterprise has a team of 8 highly experienced Zend developer (s). Many projects are a migration from Zend to Zend Framework 2. One of the biggest camping site from Europe is currently working with us.


  • Highest quality standards for architecture, scalability and performance;
  • Experience with Solr, Redis, Doctrine, Eloquent and Memcache;
  • Exposure to advanced database concepts: schema design, optimization, management and backups (import/export) manually, programmatically and through queries.
  • Knowledge of databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, writing advanced queries with joins, triggers, procedures through queries and different object-relational mapping

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