42 Clouds in one place- Access clouds in the most efficient way

Reduces the number of apps to be managed for multiple clouds


iOS Android Windows Development

Otixo is among a handful of companies providing cloud aggregation services across mobile and web. With more than 42 clouds integrated with an advanced feature set, Otixo has downloads running into hundred thousands across Apple, Android and Windows App stores. Currently in the second year of development with Eastern Enterprise, the App has been awarded on Windows store.

Success Factors

  • Multiple Development Companies- Single point of communication

    Otixo product is available across web and apps. The server side development and app development is divided between two vendors. With constant collaboration required for a seamless user experience, Eastern Enterprise is utilizing its experience to take the lead in the coordinating the development

  • SaaS Experience

    Eastern Enterprise has enviable experience of building application for the cloud. With this background, Eastern Enterprise is able to give technical and functional insights to reduce the data utilization for the user while providing more features

  • Short Cycles

    Multiple new additions- Otixo, driven by customer demands, needs to increase the number of cloud integration. With a process set up, Otixo is able to reduce the time to market for additional cloud and feature integrations

  • Multiple Platforms

    iOS Android Windows Development, All platforms developed parallely


Jürgen Beckmerhagen

As a Germany and Colorado based Start Up, Otixo delivers a Web based Integration Service for Cloud Storages, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, box, and many many more. In 2013 we wanted to expand our service to Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone platforms with native applications. EasternEnterprise delivered exactly this. Their team members adopted immediately to our highly effective agile development process. Every team member worked most efficiently and we also had lots of fun with everyone of them whenever we met the team personally.

Jürgen Beckmerhagen

Eastern Enterprise Role

Team Setup

Experienced team setup as co-ordination with another company is required for successful delivery of product


Developed using Scrum Methodology, every successive release is with added features and increase in number of clouds


Complex API integration on the App side for integrating multiple clouds and functionality


Project Information Tool (in house project management tool) is used to the full extent for managing tasks, dependencies and processes for clear and transparent updates to all stakeholders

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