The world is changing rapidly thanks to the digitization of various industries. Digitization has helped various industries upgrade rapidly by making it transparent for all the stakeholders involved.Now buyers and sellers can take a more informed decision in less time which has improved their decision making.That’s what the main advantage of digitization is, “the Transparency”. Isn’t it? But, digitization has not been yet implemented for all the industries properly. The Real estate industry is one of them. Digitization of the Real Estate Sector is still in the nascent stage. As per the ING Survey, based on 24,000 respondents, only 2% of consumers signed their purchase or rental contract digitally. And that’s what PropTechs are working on. They are working on digitizing all the relevant information so that real estate deals are done in less time and the number of digital transactions is also increased.So what all information you think can be digitized? Gone are the days when you were required to physically go to a location to have a look at the premises. Now virtual tours enabled by Virtual Reality are making it possible to have a complete picture of the premises.If you ever bought a property, were you not concerned about the true value of the property?Big data solves these issues for you through which the value of buildings can be better determined.Building Information Modelling (BIM) will improve the quality of housing projects, which will increase the trust between buyer and seller which will eventually help increase the number of real estate transactions.Sensors can help in more optimized usage of the premises and better energy performance. Blockchain, which ensures that data is not compromised, can dramatically reduce the potential for fraud by improving the transparency of data.Augmented Reality can help you visualize what your empty house would look like once you put the stuff inside. Isn’t it great?All these breakthrough technologies will be really helpful for all the stakeholders to make better and faster decisions, which will ultimately increase the overall size of the real estate industry.That’s the reason PropTechs are getting funded heavily across the world. Investments in PropTechs have increased tenfold this decade and is expected to increase further in the coming years.Eastern Enterprise has been a technology partner for many of these PropTechs and helped them in their digitization milestones.


Cunio partnered with Eastern Enterprise to introduce a brand new property platform that connects tenants, landlords, service providers and property managers all in one tool.The Challenge they wanted to address was related to issues which tenants and landlords face on daily basis.Tenants face problems like reporting a recurring piping problem, tracking packages or receiving emergency information that would disrupt their day.Isn’t that great for tenants if someone addresses these issues?On the other hand, landlords have to deal with another set of problems like tracking said faulty pipes, tracking undelivered packages and pushing emergency notifications that would disrupt the lives of their tenants.Eastern Enterprise decided to build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which could be market-tested quickly followed by additional features being built over that.As the end result of this technical collaboration, Cunio was able to put itself at the forefront of real estate market with cutting edge PropTech, developed and implemented by Eastern Enterprise.You can read a detailed Case Study on Cunio here.

Direct Wonen

Direct Wonen – a leading online Property and Financial Services provider in the Dutch market partnered with Eastern Enterprise to create an online platform for tenants landlords.To serve the tenants and landlords, they tried to create an online database that posed many operational issues in terms of money and time.To solve these issues, they approached Eastern Enterprise.Eastern Enterprise received a built-in application from Direct Wonen and enhanced its functionalities.Eastern Enterprise integrated the following features for them:

  • In-app purchase capability and auto-renewal for mobile user subscriptions.
  • Third party advert API provider integration tools.
  • Responsive contract generator design for the application.
  • Application deployment and server management.
  • Implemented GDPR compliance with Social Media Integration.

Detailed Case Study on Direct Wonen can be read here.

W/E Consultants

W/E sustainable building consultants are a leader in sustainable advice for almost four decades and support organizations in their construction process from the vision stage to implementation and maintenance.W/E wanted to develop an application (GPR Vastgoed) where users/organizations can manage the sustainability performance of their buildings. They could also compare particular buildings with others using tools like maps, charts and tables.The application would also give housing corporations insight on how they could become carbon neutral by the year 2050.This novel idea would allow the end-user to build multiple roadmaps which would help them check what steps they needed to take to make their buildings more energy efficient and put them on the road to carbon neutrality.To provide the right solution, Eastern Enterprise handled a lot of complex grids and worked as a virtual team with W/E in GPR Vastgoed and used Agile SCRUM to develop this application with the expertise of both Eastern Enterprise and W/E teams.You can read the in-depth Case Study on W/E here.

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