Smartest Invoice processing

Fully automated multiline invoice processing


.NET Product Development

Part of the .NET product development suite, Smartbooqing is the most technologically advanced invoice processing software as a service in the market. SBQ provides fully automated multiline invoice processing with minimal input required from auditors. Developed by Eastern Enterprise in 5+ years SBQ is number 1 in Netherlands.

Success Factors

  • Product Development Experience

    Smartbooqing is developed by Eastern Enterprise from scratch. Extensive experience in developing and delivering products has helped SBQ a market leader in technology innovation in its domain

  • Modular Implementation

    Ability to add new modules and features specifically required for certain end clients helps SBQ to be flexible in approach for client.

  • Data Security

    Due to the nature of the domain and clientele, Smartbooqing requires high level of security and processes, achieved through data and process audits from third party auditors.

.NET Product Development

Eastern Enterprise Role

Software Development

With over 5+ years of development with a average team size of 25+ developers, Eastern Enterprise has developed the product from scratch to its current size

Quality Analyst and Automated Testing

With a product of such size Eastern Enterprise has implemented best practices for Quality and reduced the time to market using automated testing through Selenium, Jenkins and NUnit Tools

Server and Database Management

Eastern Enterprise handles the complete servers and database management to provide 99.9 % uptime and disaster recovery

Technology Advances

New technologies have been integrated to provide better performance and currently the product is under redevelopment using MVC framework

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