Football in your hand

Ticr is a mobile app to watch live football matches

Get all football related information, live feed all in one place



Ticr changes the way in which football will be exchanged in the future. So far, there were only classic live tickers, now you turn! Tickle every soccer game from your point of view and build your own fan base. Eastern Enterprise has created a backend through which all the business logic for all the upcoming football related events is managed. EE has developed REST API’s, which communicates with iOS and Android apps.

Success Factors

  • Innovative team working seamlessly

    The domain knowledge of different people in the team helped to get more features to the app which became a success factor for the app.

  • Rich Android, iOS and Laravel Experience

    Eastern Enterprise has enviable experience of building application on android and iOS. With this background, Eastern Enterprise is able to give technical and functional insights for the user while providing more features. Eastern Enterprise with its experience in the PHP domain provides extensive insight into the market. Coupled with industry leading quality processes, the product delivered is future ready. Also for sharing content over social media sites, we have created cache layer, which convert any data to static HTML, which have been shared on social sites like twitter/ fb.

  • Combined setup with less overhead

    A lean and mean approach with only requisite expertise and specialist on demand helps continuous development with short cycles and easy control.

Eastern Enterprise Role

Team Setup

A well balanced team with experienced Business Analyst, Tech lead, Developers and QA were the pillars for the successful completion of the project.

Managing XML and APIs

Managing complex 3rd party XML along with API and integrating them with the app was well balanced by the developers.

Technology and Development approach

An experienced team with certified and experienced android as well as iOS developers and domain knowledge helped to make the development of App easy along with custom CMS in PHP with Laravel Framework and integration of multiple third party APIs easily.

PIT (Project Information Tool)

Project Information Tool (in house project management tool) is used to the full extent for managing tasks, dependencies and processes for clear and transparent updates to all stakeholders

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