Passengers increased from 400,000 to 1.1 million

Awarded best travel website 3 years in a row

Weekendjeweg : online travel agency

PHP Software Development

Built using PHP software development platform, Weekendjeweg is an online travel agency. It is a market leader for selling rooms in Business Hotels on the weekends in Netherlands. The portal has been developed by Eastern Enterprise over a period more than 2 years. Bookit has a number of brand portals under it- catering to specific segments of the hotel industry like

Success Factors

  • Domain Knowledge

    EE having Extensive knowledge of the travel sector helped Bookit redevelop and integrate multiple sites to one backend

  • Technology choice

    Integration of all website in single technology helped reduce the maintenance cost for Bookit

  • Scalable Teams

    Team size was doubled in less than year with multiple teams working on the project at the end of 3 years, helping Bookit develop features and reduce time market

Eastern Enterprise Role

Functional and Technical Specifications

Eastern Enterprise contributed to the product decisions, redevelopment and choosing technology architecture

Custom Framework

Eastern Enterprise developed a complete custom framework based on PHP for developing the Content Management System across multiple websites

Process Implementation

Integration of CRM and Back Office Call Centre resources helped implement complete process integration

Third Party XML’s

Developed 3rd Party XMLs for increased inventory and reservation based on OpenTravel

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