Windows Apps Development

Windows Apps are upcoming in the market. Though the market for iOS and Android apps is huge, some apps have their core users working on the windows platform. Eastern Enterprise has a Windows App development team that has experience in delivering perfect apps for mobile, tablets and PCs. Having a presence on Windows platform has increasingly becoming attractive for existing apps on other platform. A Windows app can directly target all three device families, increasing the reach and scope. Microsoft has been adding multiple new development features in their every release. Windows Apps Development is now easier with complex features coded in very easily. In the coming future, it will be a loss to any company to not target the Windows platform for their Product

With experience of Windows Apps Development from the start, Eastern Enterprise is one of the handful of companies to have enterprise mobile apps developed on Windows Platform. Check out some of our app development of the Windows platform and get your app on the platform now!


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About the Team

Eastern Enterprise has a team of 5 developers for Windows Apps development. The young and upcoming team has increased their knowledge as the platform has developed. The ingrained knowledge has helped our clients to develop apps without the overhead.


  • Development for single or multiple device platforms
  • Adherence to the Metro UI/UX standards
  • Immense development experience with award winning apps on Windows store
  • Ability to port any application from iOS/Android to Windows Platform

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