Mobile app development for iOS, Android and Windows

Anonymous case study: Xamarin

The app was developed for our client: Europe’s camping specialist to automate the current processes
of calculations required for selling products like advertisements, marketing packages and other promotional
materials to the campsites. The users of the apps are the Inspectors and the app is used for internal purpose
and so is not on the store. The app has minimized the risk of occurrence of any error by allowing Inspectors to
do and store all the calculations using the app.

Succes factors

  • Platforms & devices:

    iOS – OS 7.0 & above, iPad 2 & Above, Landscape;

    Android – OS 4.0 & above, Tablets 7” and above, Landscape.

  • Technology Stack:

    • Visual Studio Online
    • Visual Studio 2013
    • Xamarin Forms
    • Couchbase Lite DB Integration: Couchbase Lite DB was chosen over the standard SQL DB for
    • ASP.NET Web API 2 – developed by client side.
    • MVVM

  • Scalable teams:

    2 Xamarin developers, 8 man months and ongoing.


• UI/UX – Dynamic UI was delivered through the web-services which required to be deployed on every
platform according to design methods;

• Various products structure and discounts to be handled in business logic calculations and rendering of
the UI platform specific.

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