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Xamarin Cross Platform Apps Development

A better way to create near-to native multiplatform apps

 Eastern Enterprise has leveraged its knowledge of Native App development and a large C# development team, to provide Xamarin cross platform apps development as part of its mobile development suite. We have set up a team that has in a short period delivered apps which are successful and providing exceptional feedback from the clients.


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Benefits for You

  • Near Native App Development with half the costs
  • Polished UI- Develop Native UI or use Xamarin UI for a pixel perfect User Interface and Experience Complete
  • Device Functionality- Use all the powerful features of the device, with no extra efforts

Eastern Enterprise- Best Partner for Xamarin

  • Mobile App Development team since the launch of first iPhone
  • Experienced C# developers, with an average experience of 4+ years
  • Windows Phone and Windows 8 dev team, with experience if developing award winning apps on the Windows Store
  • A design to deliver approach- Complete solution for you app development at one place.

More About Xamarin Cross Platfrom Apps Development

Xamarin helps develop near-native app development for iOS, Android and Windows. Developed using C#, Xamarin provides all the capabilities of Objective C and Java reducing the code with ability to reuse 60-80% of the code. A single code base for all 3 platforms, Xamarin with Visual Studio has the capability to develop Windows Phone and Windows 8 Apps.

Xamarin uses native UI thus making the apps look polished as they would if developed on Native Platforms. Along with access to the full spectrum of functionality exposed by the underlying platform and devices, including platform-specific capabilities like iBeacons and Android Fragments, the apps not only feel native but deliver native results

With the business layer in Xamarin- and unified API across all platforms, support and maintenance for your apps reduces drastically. All the iOS and Android SDKs can be integrated seamlessly within the code along with the ability to use existing custom objective C/ Java code, controls , frameworks makes development a breeze.

Develop your next app on the Xamarin Platform with Eastern Enterprise

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