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Xzisu is the Tender Management Expert. Managing transportation tenders and getting results for clients is what xzisu does well. With expertise, technology and above all dedication xzisu take over transportation tender management process from A to Z.

Success Factors

  • Technology Choice

    Integration of all website in single technology helped reduce the maintenance cost for xzisu

  • Re-design with UX concepts

    Completely redesigned the website from UX perspective.

  • Data Security

    Due to the nature of the domain and clientele, Xzisu requires high level of security and processes, achieved through data and process audits.

Eastern Enterprise Role


Developed using Scrum Methodology, every successive release is with added features.

Integrated CMS Development

Managing website content for promotions, advertising, data business rules, reports etc. from one single backend

Custom Framework

Eastern Enterprise developed a complete custom framework based on PHP for developing the Content Management System.

Functional and Technical Specifications

Eastern Enterprise contributed to the product decisions, redevelopment and choosing technology architecture

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