Real estate and property are the most valuable assets world -wide. Unlike other financial assets this sector is still relatively non-digitized, stuck with age-old practices and time-consuming processes. There is vast scope to use digital technology in this sector to make it efficient, an area known as Proptech.

All over Europe, start-ups are focusing on the property market and looking at ways digitization can modernize out-dated practices and slow transactions. The real estate market is strong and growing, but it has been unwilling to embrace digital technology. Proptech aims to change all this.

“Proptech is one small part of the wider digital transformation of the property industry. It describes a movement driving a mentality change within the real estate industry and its consumers regarding technology-driven innovation in the data assembly, transacting and design of buildings and cities.”

Baum and Dearsley, 2017

Proptech activities that can be digitized fall into the following key areas:

  • Investment and Finance

  • Marketing

  • Planning and Building

  • Managing and Operating

  • Next/smart City Solutions

Proptech innovations can be seen in property portals, peer to peer rentals, home automation, CRM for real estate, property management, aggregators, on-line agents, accelerators, big data, virtual reality, news, events, legal, mortgages and real estate marketing.

Managing properties is another challenge, especially in the millennial generation where they want more and more digital infrastructure in the property as well as eco friendly features like solar panels, energy storage batteries and the latest smart home innovations and technology. Proptech companies in IoT and smart technologies come into play here. Machine learning and artificial intelligence apps can build VR tours out of floor plans, adding transparency to sales processes.


Every year, MIPIM brings to you the world’s largest and premier real estate event. Many of the important players in the international real estate and property world are gathering at the MIPIM event in Paris on July 1 and 2, to network, buy and sell property, explore, showcase and learn about new trends and innovations.

There are conferences, speakers and special networking events for all sub sectors of the property market at MIPIM. MIPIM will see close to 30,000 participants and 400 companies, with about 400 keynote speakers and 150 conferences! Investors, decision makers and C –level executives from a 100 countries are expected to attend MIPIM this year.

MIPIM has a dedicated expo for the hospitality, tourism and healthcare sectors. It also has an innovation forum to exhibit the most innovative ideas, practices and solutions in this sector.

MIPIM connects the entire value chain of real estate: investors, developers, local authorities, architects, end users (property occupiers) and so on, covering all types of buildings: residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, leisure, infrastructure, and industrial. Participants can network in an exclusive zone made for this purpose as well as get access to a database of all MIPIM participants. In just 2 days, MIPIM brings together thousands of professionals from the community, towards building a future together.

The 2019 edition of MIPIM focuses on global and societal trends that impact real estate. MIPIM conferences will focus on long term strategy, ensuring better quality of life, and on best practices. The agenda at MIPIM is to help players deal with risk better and adapt to new technology and human behavior trends, become people centric, deal with high prices and government regulations.

Many new trends are emerging in property and Proptech, and the world of real estate and technology will merge at MIPIM Proptech.

At MIPIM Proptech you can meet thousands of delegates from the property world from Europe as well as the international sector, and those exploring use of cutting edge technology to solve problems in the property sector. It is a must attend event for those who want to see how Proptech has evolved and what its future trends are. Many prominent and innovative companies and startups in Proptech will be exhibiting at the MIPIM venue. MIPIM aims to bring all players who are leveraging technology to benefit people who live in homes, buildings, communities and cities.

Why Eastern Enterprise

Eastern Enterprise will be at MIPIM Proptech. We will be there to connect with partners who want to bring about digital transformation in the real estate sector. We have a track record of working with many a Proptech startup, SMEs as well as larger companies who want to connect the world of technology with the world of real estate.

At MIPIM Proptech, we will showcase our expertise, which lies in our familiarity with the real estate domain and being a trusted outsourcing partner for all your development needs: be it an app or a platform. We make use of the best suited technology platforms to create software solutions for all your needs, be it a product, a mobile app or custom software.

In the past, we have developed a platforms for leading real estate brands in various sub domains of Proptech: one that facilitates real estate ownership and trade, a platform for the use of real estate assets, and a platform to manage assets in a smart-property. Some of our other solutions can automate manual processes and increase productivity all the while keeping in mind industry needs and regulations. We have rolled out many a MVP for our partners.

We look forward to seeing you at MIPIM Proptech!