Software and tech

Product Development

Product development is our forte. We understand every business is unique and therefore every product needs to be crafted in a unique way. Our mature quality processes, agile development approach and unique engagement model helps us deliver tailor-made solutions that are specific to your business’ objectives. We have played a pivotal role in product development for startups and big business alike. We have been instrumental in getting the product to market on schedule and efficiently, keeping in mind scale and cost.

product development

Mobile Application Development

mobile app development

iOS, Android, Hybrid, Native – you name it, we do it! As a leading mobile application development company, we understand your plan and apply necessary methodologies to create the perfect app for your business. Over the years Eastern Enterprise has developed an impressive portfolio ranging from snazzy marketing apps to heavy enterprise apps. We have delivered a wide variety of custom developed apps across domains of travel, education, cloud, logistics, CRM and many more.


We love to work with startups because of their passion and drive towards building innovative products to solve real world problems. We are able to help validate the concept, set clear expectations, and identify potential bottlenecks. We consider it an honour to be part of their success story and are up for any challenge they throw at us. Because of our size, expertise and experience, we can support startups using a hybrid team formation ranging right from an architect and designer to a QA.


Our Core Strengths

Unique Engagement Model

Our comprehensive engagement model is suitable for organizations of any size. It provides flexibility and transparency that help us engage in long-term relationships with our partners.

Crisp and Clear Project Documentation and Communication

In order to create seamless customer engagement, we engage in project documentation and communication that embraces crisp and clear information – we inculcate this in our DNA.

Cost Effective Development Approach

Our extensive track record has equipped us with cost-effective solutions that blend seamlessly with the business strategy and objective of our clients, allowing us to deliver on time.

Approachable, Adaptive & Responsive Team

We pride the members of our team as being approachable by our client, adaptive to their style of working and active in responding to their needs.

Knowledge Retention and Shadow Resources

We retain the skills and knowledge of every project stakeholder by employing a shadow resource to ensure that the project work doesn’t get affected.

End-To-End Solutions

Through thorough research, careful planning, and continuous development, we create a software solution that adapts and grows with our client’s requirements..

Plug & Play Model

Build your own team the way you want by choosing and on-board the team members consisting of architects, designers, developers, testers as per your project needs.

Questions, Suggestions & Feedback

We ask questions, a lot of them. This way we get a complete understanding of your business & can therefore suggest solutions to your specific problems.

Our Engagement Models

Virtual Team

Our offshore development team works from a remote location and communicates with the client team through calls, emails and/or webinars. It is an option that is flexible and adaptable.

Hybrid Team

This custom approach couples our offshore (virtual) team with resources in the client location. This model is cost effective, enables a close relationship with the client and engenders true partnership.

Fixed Price

We find that a structured approach whereby delivery timelines and project costs are fixed is most suitable for short-term projects.