Startups are fast moving and continuously evolving entities. Their final goals often change and are sometimes vaguely defined. Also, people in startups play multiple roles at the same time to address the challenges faced at the moment. Without a way to keep organized in such a volatile environment, startups would descend into chaos. Agile methods are perfect for startups as they can keep up with and facilitate their rapid pace of development. It is a methodology that focuses on setting and reaching short term goals, getting fast results and then adapting strategy accordingly. Agile development is a promising practice. Discussed here are 5 ways how startups can benefit from agile software developments:

Agile development helps meet deadlines
For startups, meeting deadlines is of essence. It is never really possible for startups to keep up with the deadlines at all times. This is where Agile methodology comes to play. You get to use a process called iterative process, which helps move on with the project that has a short deadline. You will need to first create something, even if it is not the finished product it will do. The goal is to create, and not really finish the task.

Pursuing an incremental procedure
In agile methodology, the work is progressed in fragments. When startups implement agile development, they ensure moving in a step-by-step fashion to accomplish project completion. Be it development, bug fixing or mapping changes, everything is executed in a structured pattern. This means, unless one milestone is achieved and perfected, the developments wouldn’t progress. As a result, startup goals can become SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound) through agile.

Agile development boosts quality
There is no doubt about the fact that Agile development improves the overall quality of the software. The cross-functional team eliminates bottlenecks through constant communication. Developers depend more on the quick feedback from the stakeholders for requirements than on the formal documents prepared months ago. There is a sense of immediacy and dynamism. The teams use artefacts like DoD –The Definition of Done, to assess if the list of requirements is complete. Automated testing process identifies the problems early in the development and ensures that there is no complexity in the design. Integrations are easy and the concept of CI – Continuous Integration prevents the issues from cropping up. As a newbie, it is required to stay focused on quality and agile development helps them do that.

It saves time and energy
Agile methodology makes sure you remain in your budget and things get completed on time without any troubles. Start-ups work on limited resources and agile development ensures optimal use of its resources. Agile is a mindset. It believes in constantly adding value to the product by managing constraints. The small agile teams gather feedback from the customers and then perform work in small sprints guided by the feedback. When you compare with waterfall technology, agile methodology provides more transparency in the processes and the products are made to reach the customers faster with the help of sprints (which basically are short delivery cycles).

Adapts to organizational change quickly
Agile methodology provides a rapid response to change in the organization. It aids the dynamic characteristics of business processes and helps in managing changing requirements of the projects. One of the important principles of Agile Manifesto stresses on welcoming changing requirement, even if late in development. Agile methodology enables both the customer and the stake holders to gain feedback on latest iterations and new features sooner than later. Stakeholders can rethink on requirements and features, can add new ones and the development teams can follow them quickly. Development teams innovate and take risks according to the requirements of the customer as they are constantly in the loop. Adapting quickly to the changes saves time and resources which helps the start-ups sustain themselves. It is the best methodology for the environment that changes steadily.

Agile methodology is the best bet for start-ups. It ensures that iterations are faster. It helps in managing its resources optimally and the business gets on track at the earliest. By adopting agile methodology, start-ups can reduce their costs, keep the teams closely knit, keep their projects on schedule and yes, stakeholders get better returns on their investments.Outsourcing software developments have become big and so have we in delivering unique requirements of clients. We provide a complete spectrum of customized solutions on technologies like PHP, .NET, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Zend, Symfony, Laravel, AngularJS, ReactJS, Node.js and many more. At Eastern
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