Undoubtedly, AngularJS has gained major traction in the world of web development in the past few years. Many enterprises are now beginning to encompass AngularJS as a doable choice for new projects that are outside the realm of greenfield development. All of its features can be modified or replaced to suit the enterprise’s unique development workflow and feature needs. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for the application. The outcome is extraordinarily expressive, readable and very quick to develop.

In the present day scenario, the companies adopting AngularJS are gaining positive results. As per Google Trends, the popularity of AngularJS is exploding when compared with KnockoutJS and other Single Page Applications.

Here are few reasons behind the popularity of AngularJS technology:

Ease of Use:

AngularJS is infused with some rich features that make easy for AngularJS developers to create websites by writing minimum codes. There is no need to write setters and getters for applying different data models. And since the integral parts of app code do not have any directives, it becomes easy for the teams working in parallel to manage them. Code writing mitigations means saving a lot of time and efforts.

AngularJS Allows You to Leverage Your Existing Data:

One of the main advantages of AngularJS is that it doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to the underlying data management system. AngularJS applications are usually implemented through the use of RESTful APIs which allow users to access the underlying database. You can use an Angular application to replace an existing frontend code, if you have internal APIs that are already in existence. This permits you to re-use server-side security easily and quickly. Also, if the application you want to replace was built with a web application framework like Rails or Django, then the switch will be as easy and fast as a front-end swap. This will make it very easy to improve the performance of your website with the directive-based implementation style of Angular.

AngularJS Handles Dependencies:

Dependency Injection is another thing that Angular JS performs quite well. Using libraries like RequireJS empowers you to load JavaScript dynamically when and if you need it and wherever dependency injection sparkles. However, testing and Single Page Applications are the two scenarios.

The MVC Architecture:

Most of the frameworks available in the market can only be used for developing mobile applications and they don’t bifurcate them into MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. When you opt for AngularJS App Development, you can make the most out of this facility.This is because, it comes with the potential to string the application code together. It saves a lot of time spent on development and lessens the app’s time to market.

AngularJS Allows Developers to Express UI Declaratives:

Having a structured UI makes the website easy to understand and manipulate. Designers who are not proficient in programming can learn markup faster. A declarative UI reduces these facet effects by declaring the bindings at the supply. Removing the requirement for hidden code that glues the behaviours to the UI, and permitting data-binding to decouple the dependency on the thought (i.e. “a list”) from the presentation of the idea (i.e., a drop-down vs. a bulleted list).

Web Applications Made with AngularJS Are Usually More Maintainable:

Yet another advantage of AngularJS is that it usually results in web applications that are more maintainable. Once you make a web application, your work is far from over. You will have to return to the web application to make changes and fix bugs and issues over time. Therefore, you want to develop your web application in such a way that it is easy to maintain from the get-go.

AngularJS encourages the use of a model as the source, which in turn encourages to think in terms of object oriented design for the client-side. This permits you to remember the object oriented design principles that make web applications easier to maintain.

AngularJS Comes with Filters:

AngularJS filters are of great help when you need to transform the stored data in AngularJS responsive design. The AngularJS directory offers developers with different filters for numbers, lowercase, uppercase, currency, orderby, date and more. It also provides an option to create one’s own filter by registering a new filter factory.

Two-Way Data Binding:

The two-way data binding functionality in AngularJS is quite commendable. As a part of it, any changes that happen in the application have an effect on the user-interface and vice versa. With AngularJS framework, the user actions and module changes happen simultaneously.

AngularJS Boosts the Testability of Your Web Application:

Over time, you will need to make changes to your web application to boost performance and address any issues. However, if your web application is difficult to test, you may not be able to identify the issues or areas where there is room for improvement. A huge advantage of AngularJS for enterprises is that it boosts the testability of the web application. Testing is included in every tutorial step for AngularJS on its official website.

AngularJS Allows Easier Collaboration with Other People:

Without a doubt, anyone who has developed object-oriented MVC software for the server side is familiar with using models as a source of truth. Therefore, AngularJS is easy to learn and use for the vast majority of web developers.

Developers can easily share the components that they have created with AngularJS – thanks to dependency injections. In fact, this ability has been the cause of a lot of excitement in the developer community. Many existing projects now have AngularJS directive bridge libraries that allow you to use an AngularJS directive to use the code with new functionality.


The above given points must have given ample amount of idea as to why AngularJS is the most sought after web development application. When it comes to working around web development using JavaScript framework, there’s nothing like AngularJS. Also, it is
beneficial when it comes to making single page applications for businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Are you looking for an AngularJS development company to shape up your ideas into reality? Want to explore AngularJS services for your business requirement? Write to us and explore endless opportunities to partner with Eastern
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