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Beyond The Horizon


Unlocking the Potential of Azure:
Innovation, Security, and the Power of Microsoft's Cloud Platform


Fabian Van Netten

Country Leader Cloud, Ingram Micro

About the Episode

Explore the transformative power of Azure! Discover how Azure AI and Machine Learning drive innovation, learn about the robust security measures protecting data and applications, and uncover the vast capabilities of Azure’s cloud platform. Gain valuable insights, real-world examples, and expert advice on leveraging Azure for digital transformation. Tune in to unlock Azure’s potential for your organisation’s success.
Beyond the Horizon

Maximizing the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Organization


Michelangelo Van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam

Co-Founder, In2IT

About the Episode

Unleash cloud computing’s full potential! Join us as we explore its amazing benefits, from scalable infrastructure to top-notch security. Discover insider tips on choosing providers, optimizing workflows, and leveraging advanced features. Let the clouds work their magic for your organization!