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We think that Eastern Enterprise is a unique and special place to work. This specialness stems from the culture we cherish, the values we uphold and our shared sense of purpose that gives us a common direction. Our culture hasn’t evolved in a vacuum.

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At Eastern Enterprise, we build the futuristic view of what our world should be transforming into. Headquartered at Hengelo, Netherlands and present across India and Egypt, we are equipped to solve the most complex challenges through technology. Easternauts are engineers, architects, and more from varied life experiences. What brings us together are our ideas, a shared passion to win, and the willingness to go beyond what’s familiar. If shaping this journey excites you, join us.
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Live your best corporate life with us

Explore innovative paths, expand your perspectives, and pursue a career that best suits your interests.

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Further your professional development through our continuous training programs and become the torchbearer of our company.

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Hangout and work with some of the most amazing and skilled folks. Join the Easternaut family, where fun is the norm.

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We're part of the new age that believes in working from a place of comfort, and so should you. At EE, we thrive by preserving flexibility.

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Feel secure with the best health plans looking after you and your loved ones.

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Our team’s diversity is our greatest asset and equal opportunity is a routine practice at EE.


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Through Diversity

Eastern Encore

An Exclusive Program Helping
Women Return To The Workforce
After A Career Break

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Through Our Culture


Building an Inclusive Workplace

A strong team is the foundation of any organization, providing a clear path. Each company has different groups with different work environments, workloads, and strategies. To build an inclusive workplace, it is necessary to consider every practical situation in which your team works. Before getting started, let’s first understand the concept of an inclusive workplace.

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