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Eastern Enterprise forays into the PropTech vertical

EE is proud to announce that it has forayed into the Proptech vertical which is an upcoming sector in today’s times. Still in the nascent stage, this vertical has immense potential to disrupt the traditional real estate industry and create a whole new playing field.

5 of the top proptech trends to look out for according to industry experts are AI, machine learning, IOT,Blockchain and geolocations. EE has successfully delivered MVPs in the proptech space for clients across Holland and Germany. These range from landlord-tenant platforms to software solutions for sustainability and green buildings.

About Eastern Enterprise

EE is a technology service provider for mid sized companies and technology startups.It provides seamless digital services to a spectrum of clients across various verticals, geographies and technologies. With a skilled talent pool of 250+ employees and mature quality processes, EE has helped clients worldwide to leverage and transform themselves digitally.