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E-pickr Partners With Eastern Enterprise To Build An Easy-To-Use Data-Driven Solution For E-commerce Professionals


ABOUT e-pickr

e-pickr® is a young and fresh start-up created from the success of e-commerce and the growth of the industry.
e-pickr® analyses millions of products that are currently sold and users get the insights that they need to make a professional and successful decision. Not only does e-pickr® use the sales of these products in their analyses, but also the heaviness of competition, your financial fit to this product, and the profit from the revenue that users are keeping. Together, they give users one overall score on whether to sell these products or rather not.
e-pickr® in collaboration with Eastern Enterprise developed a web application that provides real-time e-commerce product insights, follows trends and competitors as well as finds out how much sales and revenue your new product will make. e-pickr® uses advanced algorithms and makes its system learn from itself.


There is a huge market for dropshippers/e-commerce enthusiasts who are looking to make a mark in the e-commerce space while keeping operating costs at a minimum.
The most common problem faced by individuals who are trying to get into this market space is the lack of knowledge or data that is required to effectively understand what products sell and what don’t. Knowing this would not only bolster sales and increase revenue-generating opportunities but also decrease the learning curve that goes into developing a successful business venture.
The challenge was to create this platform that employed, in the background, complicated a statistical models to interpret data points and thereby provide meaningful insights to users. In addition to this, the team developing the e-pickr® platform had to adhere to tight deadlines after inheriting a far-from-ideal codebase from a prior development agency.


Solution Approach
Eastern Enterprise partnered with e-pickr® to build a platform that would cater to e-commerce professionals.
e-pickr® has used millions of data points sourced from market leaders in the e-commerce space to help users understand and grow in their journey to thrive at setting up an e-commerce business.
e-pickr® has also integrated with other third-party applications to help users set up their own online marketplace.
The app currently provides the following features for users:



Eastern Enterprise proposed the following technologies to easily reach the requested functions:










The client is extremely satisfied with the development and commended us on our proactiveness to understand the needs of the user and solution.
The MVP version of the product is currently live with the active user base steadily growing every month.


Bart Van Eekelen

Bart Van Eekelen

Working with Eastern Enterprise has been a fantastic experience for our team at e-pickr®. From the very beginning, their adaptable approach and willingness to have early morning meetings made the workload feel manageable and easy to digest for both the qualified team of developers, as for us. The tools we built for e-commerce businesses with data insights that Eastern Enterprise provides are truly unparalleled. The thorough analyses of big data information form a foundation for the best product research in the e-commerce industry.
We were impressed by the developers’ assertiveness and hardworking attitude, especially when it came to managing tight deadlines. The collaboration was extremely successful, and we are extremely grateful for the partnership. The team at Eastern Enterprise made the process of bringing our vision to life effortless, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
Thank you, Eastern Enterprise, for your dedication and expertise, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.