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Our 3-Day Free Tech Challenge

It’s hard to find an outsourcing partner who is trustworthy, technically sound, flexible and can closely work with your in-house team. We know sometimes it’s difficult to judge an outsourcing partner based on his past experience, so we bring you a unique tech-challenge that completely changes the outsourcing perspective.
Excellent App Quality

Functional Quality

Test our ability to meet all deadline requirements, completion expectations, presentation of accurate information free of errors, understanding of deliverable requirements, conforming to project requests, research and due diligence analysis, compliance with industry requirements, usage of industry best practices, and integration with business goals.
Fleet Management

Technical Expertise

Test our technical understanding through Coding standards and practices that we follow, competence required to perform specific tasks involving the use of company or industry-specific methods and processes, formal problem-solving techniques, technology systems and other tools.
Work Better With Your Team

Communication & Collaboration

How proactively we perform, and collaborate with your team members to increase workplace productivity, improve transparency, for better interpersonal relationships, reduce employee turnover, and deliver a world class end product.

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